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I entered into an agreement via email with EASTERN LETTERING They did not do what they said they would do Asked Eastern Lettering to provide a nameplate switch and paid accordingly for the following service 1) Remove and Install a NEW NAME PLATE (I was charged for NEW) for a Football JErsey (provided by me) 2) MATCH Fabrics and LEtter to current fabrics and colors on the existing jersey 3) Do it in a professional manner and make it look professional. Jersey was returned to me with 1) Severe Glue and residue on the back nameplate 2) after talking to Owner - ED WOODS - he stated they REUSED MY OLD NAMEPLATE ( I was sold a NEW one for $39.99) 3) LETTERS did not match as he said in his initial email

Your Desired Resolution:

I have filed a dispute/complaint with my CC company - if it is upheld, I will not need your services MR WOODS said he would fight it - as he doesn't believe he CHEATED ME (which I beg to differ) see above I have EXACT COPIES OF ALL EMAIL COMMUNICATIONS from MR WOODS showing he lied to me I want to go on record to show that he is a thief and a liar

Product or Service Mentioned: Eastern Lettering Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $175.

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