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First off, thanks for reading my lengthy review. I wrote it for serious buyers with heavy concerns like I had, hope it helps.

This is my honest, unbiased review. It has 2 parts: the customer service (ie: billing, customer support, internet experience, etc.), and the actual finished products. First is the customer service. FYI, this review is based on internet and phone orders only; no face to face interactions took place.

I would have to rate their customer service as par to subpar. Their website generally suffices for shopping. If you have a question or concern, you can call or email them, but unfortunately that service seems quite frustrating (more on that later). The website does need a little more detail and guidance. Also, after I confirmed an online order, I received a confirmation number but no email receipt or receipt of any kind. It put me on edge!

The prices are a little high but somewhat reasonable. Heck, it's much cheaper that buying a brand new customized jersey from some official website. What bothered me, however, was the shipping fee. I ordered a Los Angeles Pro Baseball Letter and Number Kit consisting of 2 big back letters, 2 small front letters and 6 letters for my name, possibly weighing a couple of ounces. However, I was charged $7.59 for regular shipping. Also the products arrived loosely in a paper envelope. I don't think the shipping price was reasonable. (Update: I checked the shipping again for this item and saw that they dropped their shipping fee to $6.04, better I guess)

Now here is where I mention one thing that really grinded my gears; contacting them. I had questions so I sent them an email. Somewhat promptly I received a short, impersonal and incomplete response with no official letter head. It seemed as if they didn't was to give me any attention. However, the majority of my question was answered and I was surprised at how fast they responded. I guess I can live with that. But here is when I really ran into some trouble. I received a 25% coupon from my previous online order that I can use for any future "phone" orders. The coupon had no expiration date and no terms and conditions, so if and how it would apply is beyond me. I decided to place another order, this time an Indianapolis Pro Football Stitched Nameplate. So to get that discount I did a phone order. It took DAYS to finally get someone to pick up! It would just shot me to voicemail which seemed like the voicemail of someone's cell phone. I emailed them about this issue and this time I got no response! So I kept trying over the phone until 3 days later I finally got through. Maurice picked up. I say he was mostly professional but I was skeptical as he seemed to kind of take my order on the fly. He did apply the 25% discount, or so he says as when I looked at my receipt (yes, this time I got an email receipt) I couldn't figure out when he applied it as the math has wrong and I was cheated out a buck or two. It was not 25% off, but almost and I do not really care about a buck here or there. So, better luck to you on phone orders.

Anyways, now to review the finished product. This is a MIXED review, my input of both the items I purchased. First off the LA Pro Baseball Number and Letter Kit: It was EXCELLENT! They truly delivered what they promised! The lettering was authentic in all their ways from the material to the specific team design. True quality, I cannot tell the difference! However, I wish I can stop here and conclude with a testimonial of their good work, but I can't because the second item that I ordered, the Indianapolis Pro Football Stitched Nameplate, was a major disappointment!

First off, this order was shipped by another company, Propatchesusa is what the envelope and the invoice said. I looked them up and they had their own different website and worked out of Raleigh, NC. Who they were and why they were the ones that handled my order was beyond me!

Anyways, now the finished product; it was depressing. First (and I guess you can say this was kind of my fault) they stitch their namesplates on tackle twill. The jersey that I wanted to put the nameplate on was polyester, and so was the material of the original nameplate. I thought and made it specific to Maurice over the phone that I would like for them to follow the 2011 Reebok design, which I thought would've been stitch on polyester, it was not. To be fair their website did say it would be stitched on tackle twill, but that does not qualify as "authentic" as they claim. To be authentic, it should have been a polyester nameplate, so their definition of "authentic" is wrong. As a result, the color hue is off; it does not match the color of the polyester jersey and the way that it reacts to the light is also off, making it a look very different, like it obviously doesn't belong there.

But I'm not finished, the letters were another story. Unlike the MLB LA letters of my last order, these were cut really badly! There were obvious signs of unevenness and sloppiness. They were made with tackle twill, I'll give them that, however it was a lower quality type compared to the original jersey and of the letters of my first order. What happened!? Why the shift in quality!? Also I noticed that the letters were slightly wider than the original, lame. The stitching is the most depressing part! They used zig-zag stitching like they claim, but it looked like if it was done in a rush. There was rounded stitching on some corners where it should have been a sharp angle and also there was obvious misalignment, some parts were really badly stitched. Also the stitching of the original jersey was tighter; they stitched it rather wide causing a serious mismatch. I cannot put it on my jersey, it just looks TOO different. Please see pics- 1. MLB Letter and Number Kit, the good product, nice and neat (Note: stitched it on myself). 2. NFL Stitched Nameplate closeup, notice the sloppy stitching. 3. Side by side comparison of original (top) and nameplate (bottom), notice BIG difference. What a shame, and I cannot return it due to the fact that it is custom work. FML!!! Also I was charged an extra $6.00 to make my nameplate 17 inches long, which was the correct length for my jersey. They advertise their nameplates as being 12 inches long, far too short for my jersey so I had to make it longer.

Another side note, their shipping times are very long, taking 2 weeks for my first order to arrive and 3 weeks for the second, although they did say the nameplate would take 10 days to complete, not 3 weeks!

So in conclusion, buying from this company is a pretty high risk, but if all goes through and your order is done with "care" you will be more that happy with your purchase, otherwise you will be in for a shock. I do not plan to do business with this company again, too risky for my taste.

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I just had a similar experience after spending almost 40.00

called them about some crooked letters and was on hold for a long time before being disconnected with no one picking up after calling back - only the funny cell phone message you mentioned. Very questionable business.

I've never had this experience before with a legit business, especially one of this nature.

What gives? Buyer beware

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